I am looking for a preliminary superhero character to include in our business plan. I provide some information below. Please apply for job if this is of interest, and let me know what your cost might be.

What We Need:
We need a superhero character who has an alter ego of the everyday man/woman and is young kid friendly. The superhero would be reacting to the needs of children/families in extreme danger due to natural disasters, war, or draught. The alter ego would be a typical mom or dad. Ultimately, we will turn this into a comic series and include a villain who is causing draughts, war, etc.

Who We Are:
Ordinary Superheroes is a donor solicitation organization whose goal is to increase the number of donors and the donor amounts that are contributed to charities whose mission is to help the extreme poor, disaster struck and war-ravaged peoples. We accomplish this goal by creating a large number of permanent 'agents' throughout the developed world who solicit funds from ordinary people.

The Mission:
To eliminate the preventable suffering of the extreme poor, disaster struck, and otherwise heavily disadvantaged by increasing the number of donors and the amount of donations made by ordinary people. Ordinary Superheroes.