Looking for an artist to help develop a manga I am currently working on and looking to launch in 2014!! This manga will be action based with a lot of hand to hand combat, as well as various action scenes (chases, supernatural abilities, melee weapon action, firearms etc.) Naturally, they'll be other elements as well, this is a story driven comic with its own universe of events taking place.

Presently, I'm just looking for someone to do a couple still image action pictures (think something like two fighters swinging at each other and things like that), but outside of that, I'm looking for someone to partner up with that may be interested in seeing this project through, long term!

Lastly, I'm looking for someone who is somewhat open minded. Some of the characters in the story are followers of the Christian faith. This isn't a manga about a church or anything, but the characters do hold according beliefs. That being said, it is by no means a requirement that you be a Christian, just ok to helping portray a story with some characters whom follow that belief.

Well then, if this sounds like this is something you would really like to lock arms and go with to shake up the manga/anime world, for 2014 and beyond! Feel free to apply for job and I'll be sure to get you any details and whatever else you may need. Looking forward to reviewing your application. God Bless!!