I need one or more color illustrations (graphic art, cartoon, but not photos) of one or more zombies holding stock certificates. Primary use will be for our press release, but could be used on website home page ( and in other promotions such as email messages or ads. So, the zombies should not be too gory or offensive or - OTOH, too comic.

More info:
I am ready to send out the attached press release and am looking for a captivating image to go with it. This is a bit humorous, because start up companies that don't succeed but don't completely die are called zombies or walking dead companies.

We buy those zombie stocks/shares from investors (for very little money) so they can document their lost investments for tax write-offs.

So the humor is "zombie stocks" -- stocks held by zombies, get it??

One possible approach, slightly different is to make a drawing similar to the attached photo, but make the people in the photo look like zombies. That way, the graph in the background and their posture shows the company is it's a zombie company...

I am also attaching a picture of some stock certificates...

Let me know what you think, what it would look like, how long it will take, and how much it might cost.

For now, I only need one image to go out with the press release, and as soon as possible. But we will need others for our website blog, too.
dreamstime_m_6841601 (Medium).jpg
image of people in company that is failing (they should become zombies)
dreamstime_m_1352763 (Small).jpg
stock certificates
CapGain Solutions Launch News Release Final 11 4 13 .pdf
press release that needs illustration