Need a basic silly cartoon drawing of a deer wearing a border patrol uniform.

This is for a banner for a yearly hunting trip... the deer police are trying to keep us off his land. Antlers, mirrored sunglasses, Mountie hat, badge, gun... maybe a tough arms-crossed stare down pose, or a pointed-finger in your face drill instructor stance... but minimally detailed and probably just from the waist up.

I can link a few pics like what I'm looking for... but if you just Google-image-search "Bullwinkle", and instead of a moose, draw me a pissed-off deer cop in the same goofy style, it'll be perfect.

I have no idea what this costs... maybe $50 for an hour of your time? Paypal? I figured you can send me a rough sketch for approval and then a final product... we're a bunch of rednecks and are not going to be demanding. I'll need it in a jpeg/png or other standard format.