Need editing suggestions/polishing for my screenplay (drama).

Pages: 107
Genre: Drama (love story)
Period: Present

** Important: Must love Drama and let me know your per-page pay requirements **

“It’s almost there”, is what I’ve been told a few times. My latest Analysis was less than a week ago, and I took a few suggestions, and made the necessary changes. What I need is someone to Polish and Edit my script, and perhaps make a few suggestions on other ways to improve it.

I am not interested in whether or not my Protagonist is boring (and he’s not), because certain screenplay aspects are subjective. I just want to make sure that my Screenplay flows correctly.

What I need is life breathed into my Action and Description (my weakness) without completely diminishing my style and or voice.

My Dialogue is decent, aside from the intentional slang; just make sure my verbs, pronouns, or whatever else speech parts may be used incorrectly, and other grammatical errors throughout the screenplay.

Although not very important, I need it trimmed down to no more than 100-105. I need it to say exactly what I have written, but in fewer words, and with more visualization.

As of now, this is all I can think of. Please apply for job if interested.
SOMETIMES LOVE_10_2014.pdf
Side note: I've attached a copy of my first ten pages so you'll no what you're getting yourself...