I AM Unlimited is a budding, Pennsylvania based, Indy Publishing House seeking to produce the next three installments of its premier publication The Memory Verse Kids series. We are focused on producing Christian children’s books and educational materials. Our books are designed to help kids memorize bible verses and understand what it means to be a Christian according to God’s word.

Other books currently available in the marketplace with similar goals tend to have a broader focus featuring multiple bible verses with no overarching story or specific biblical theme. Our books are unique in that each of them concentrates on a single bible verse, tells a story, and is driven by characters that kids can relate to.

We call the protagonists our series ‘Memory Verse Kids ™’ and it is their experiences we would like to visualize.

Book 1 of this series is already available for purchase and can be supplied to the illustrator for reference. The manuscripts, which need to be illustrated, are books two three and four. The Manuscript for book 2 is back from the editor and ready to be illustrated. Book 3 is with the editor currently and will be available to illustrate in a matter of weeks. And the manuscript for book 4 is in production.

If necessary the publisher can provide rudimentary storyboards and character designs.

To create three children’s books, to be viewed digitally and in print. Ideally this will be achieved using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop in strategic layers so that last minute edits can be made easily by the publisher and potentially it can be animated at a later time.

Who is this for?
The primary and secondary audience is Christian parents with children age 4-7 and, early readers ages 7-10.

What does it need to look like?
• Each book averages about 32 interior pages plus front and back covers
• Majority of illustrations should be full bleed but not necessarily all pages need to be full bleed (i.e. Mercer Mayer, or How Big is God)
• In a simple commercial style (Recess, WordGirl, Jake and the Neverland Pirates)
• Facial expression is crucial
• Lead character in the story wears a logo t-shirt (design will be supplied to you)

By when? – Ideal deadline for completion of the three titles respectively is: Dec 2, 2013, April 7, 2014, and July 21, 2014

Budget – MAX for all three completed titles and original files $3000.00 (or $1,000 per title)

• Facial expressions conveying emotion and background composition skills are a top priority
• Characters must be on a layers separate from the background imagery in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator for editing and animation purposes
• Dimensions 6.127”x9.25”
• There should be no "live" elements within .25” of the trim lines.
• Allow .75" for the gutter (the left-side on odd pages, and the right-side on even pages) and .5" for the outside margin (the right-side on odd pages and the left-side on even pages). In this allowance there should be no key elements
• 300 DPI or higher

• Must sign a royalty free "work for hire" agreement
page 10 new.jpg
This is an interior page for the first book in the series which is already on the market....
front cover mobi.jpg
THis is the Front cover of Book 1