Basically, I want you to write a code for my web site, because I already did all the design (I am an Illustrator). It is pretty simple, though there might be some difficult aspects.

It will consist of one page with a gallery, a "write me" form linked to my email and a full translation into Russian language. (The site should be in both English and Russian)

Also there will be links to different social networks (it's easy).

The site should look great on every device (this might be difficult). Well, at least laptop and an iPad sizes.

Please, see the files attached. This is my sketch made in Photoshop and Illustrator.

I personally have some basic knowledge in web design, but this project is slightly more than basic. Also, I am Russian. I know English pretty well, but obviously there are some terms that I don't know even in Russian! That's why be ready to receive my instructions in a very weird form ;) But we'll figure it!

Don't forget to write a message when you apply. Be ready to show me your previous sites and please, write me the APPROXIMATE price.
The first part of the page
The second part of the page