I'm a published short story writer looking to publish my first manga comic book.

I'm looking for a Manga style artist who also wants to be published. And believes in my story and believes they can take my story and make it as good visually as it is written.

This is a long term business relationship and hopefully friendship. I have been writing this manga book for 3 years and I'm finally ready to publish it.

Pay is negotiable and I will discuss compensation in detail with applicants.

The reason is because when the comic becomes successful, I want you as the artist to have some ownership and success and be willing to keep working hard to make this project as big as it can be.

We either win or keep dropping chapters until we win. This is a long term project like a Naruto or Bleach and you must be willing to put your best work forward to see results.

When you read the first three chapters you will understand how BIG this project is going to be.

There is no other Manga like this.

We will publish on Amazon and iBook format. And post on all the streaming sites as well as Facebook and YouTube.

FYI- I write for Yahoo! and other platforms and have many many friends in the media world. We will sell books. I just can't do it alone. I NEED the right kind of guy or girl.

Now who's coming with me? (lol Jerry Maguire moment)

If you are interested in turning your undiscovered talent into a quality project as well as earning some long term money and kudos on the way, please apply.