I've got an independent publishing company called Paranoid American which launched the first title Time Samplers last year. There are also a few other projects in the works, but I'm looking to start even more.

I've got a team of artists that are eager to start working on new projects, and I just don't have enough finished scripts to send them, so I'm looking for help.

The general theme for all of the stories is conspiracy/political/occult related, ranging from satirical to serious. The format I've been working with is standard print, although I'm also very interested in creating some web-comics as well.

Flexible to different writing styles and rates, however writing experience is highly preferred, especially experience working with an editor. Also, even though the theme of conspiracies/occult/etc. can be fun to play with, there is an underlying theme of fact-based stories, so history buffs and an interest in politics/occult/conspiracy is also a huge plus.