I'm looking for an artist to illustrate 8 subjects for my book on Ohio's greatest football players. I'm also trying to capture the feel of autumn in Ohio.

The book is called Ohio's Autumn legends. My subjects are Roger Staubach, Paul Warfield, Marion Motley, Archie Griffin, Chic Harley, Vic Janowicz, Chris Spielman and Pete Henry.

I really want these players illustrated in their high school uniforms, that's their common bond, attending Ohio high schools.

Generally, I let the artist choose what subject they would like to illustrate. I can send my chapter on that individual to the artist and whatever photos I've been able to obtain.

I don't want a caricature or a cartoon, more of a portrait or perhaps a football pose or even an action scene. I'm especially interested in the details of facial feature and colors, as the autumn background feel is a key component of the book.

My thought is to buy two illustrations. I would want the artist to pick the two subjects among the eight listed above. I can provide the chapter pertaining to that individual, and the photos I've obtained to help the process.

Then if I decide to go all in, we could work out a payment for the remaining six.

I'm interested to hear your thoughts, interest level, and potential price range.