I need 5 frames of a storyboard. Ratio: 16 x 9.
Deadline: ASAP
Budget: Non-profit, so we can't pay Hollywood prices.

There is an attachment of a poorly-executed version of these descriptions. We need a nicely-executed version to present to the client.

We open on a puddle with a small toy sailboat. We hear children running around, laughing, and playing in the background. We don’t see the children….we only see the boat. The frame remains stable throughout the whole of the video.
Two kids and a dog run past the puddle, the dog steps on the edges of the water, the children go around. We see only their feet. The boat teeters on the waves they’ve created.
A continuation of the above
Another child chases after them through the puddle—as he runs through, he quickly scoops the boat up—he stays in motion the entire time and doesn’t look at the camera.
We see the very end of the child’s shoe. The puddle ripples and settles in the boat’s absence.
poorly executed sketches of the proposed storyboard