The logo will be used on all of our drumheads, uniforms, banners, etc.

The logo will need to represent our ideas also. We are looking for an image with a roaring lion and the letters T M E in a grouping other than basic straight line. We have a picture that we will send to assist in the development. We have put together a basic idea but we are looking for something better than what we currently have. Our time of completion we are looking for 4 to 8 weeks for this project. This is the first of many needed we will be hiring for. The price will be based upon art idea. We are starting at $100 USD and are willing to spend more possibly $200 USD for the right work.

The basic idea except the image is what i have drawn which doesn't contain the roaring lion in behind the letters in the center. I want the image to reflect that we are a music performance with a educational focus group . I would like to have a roaring lion behind the TME in the center or musical instruments and dance incorporated. also the colors of the marching band are black silver red and white. this image will be placed on our marching drum heads and other materials.