We have three STL files that must be converted to IGES format. They must be able to be read by our fabrication house. The original STL files were created in different 3D graphics programs. The scale must be corrected if not correct for each file. Also, if there is surface faceting, as a result to the conversion, this must be corrected. Please be willing to work directly with our fabrication house (we do not want to be middlemen). You must have the ability to resolve any model concerns as it relates to the final IGES output. This work must be completed soon, we will provide files right away. Payment upon receipt of IGES files that can be successfully read from our Fabrication house.

Can someone share with my the difficultly of this job? We have had 1,600 people view this and only three have applied. Of the three, only one is communicating. What makes this so tough?
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Rocket & Ray Gun
Blue Alien