The project is currently in its first draft stage and in search of an experienced content writer/editor to assist in completing the memoir. The project is expected to be published nationally and foreword by a Pulitzer prize winning author. (A ghostwriter is currently working on this project as well).


The extent to which toxic leadership exists in the U.S. Army is a question that demands a thorough examination. While most publications on military leadership focus on the positive aspects of good leadership, this project will examine the current climate on destructive leadership styles in a literary (fiction) form.


This project is a true story that occurred from 2011-2012, which is set during the transition phase of the War in Afghanistan. It will discuss the point of view of the protagonist, revealing the plot in great detail. It will draw its conclusions and observations from declassified SECRET government information. It will expose conspiracy and motives of the antagonist. It will develop its themes from the author, and its plot from the original recorded case itself. It will present each character in an anonymous matter to protect the rights and identities of the accused. It uses various literary devices (i.e. stream of consciousness, suspense, conflict, etc.) in order to present a "good story" for readers.

WHO: A US Army Veteran
WHAT: produce a 250-500 page memoir or fiction novel in 3-5 months on a true story about a workplace conflict in combat
WHERE: Afghanistan (setting)
WHEN: 2011-2012
WHY: to inspire future soldiers of ways to survive a toxic environment in the US Army

- Have 3-5 years of professional experience writing fiction novels, fantasy adventure, plays, biographies, and/or memoirs
- A Master's in Fine Arts (MFA) or better in either Journalism, Liberal Arts, or related fields is preferred.
- Have published works in the past 3-5 years, not required but preferred
- Able to professionally edit content and proof read written material
- Great Active/Reflective listening skills and easy to work with
- Own and are skilled in using Microsoft Word

I greatly appreciate all that apply for this position and look forward in working with you in the future.