I need help starting a graphic T-shirt line and in the future possibly a clothing line. What makes this process so hard as of right now is finding the proper person who is willing to work beside me and putting in time and dedication to come up with a unique design. I want someone who is willing to share similar ideas with me and will not rush in producing my product because I like things to be a certain way. I will like also for designer input to help me expand my mindset. Most of the designs are fairly simple that's produced in my mind and some are more complex, but I would like for people to try to produce them or refer me to someone who might be able to if the designs are out their skill sets. I will like to have a continuum of communication in the design process and have my graphic designer come up with more than one concept when designing a T-shirt to give me options. If you are interested please apply for job. Please let me know your rate, when you are available to possibly meet face to face or via web chat, and your skill sets.