We will initiate a Kickstarter Project on June 1st, 2013 and need to create buzz.

The Facebook Page and Twitter accounts have been opened and we are ready to start providing content.

We need an expert to help us generate excitement about the project.

Please apply and let us know your past experience in doing this type of thing, your rates and what you think that it might take (time) to build the momentum through the end of June.

We have developed a draft Kickstarter Project and will provide to well-qualified candidates.

If you LOVE pulp artwork, that will most useful to this activity. We have budgeted funding for this activity. Once we select the person to support us, we will provide usernames and passwords to maintain all social media accounts. We will provide you with content, images, videos, etc. We need you to tell us what is missing, where we need to focus our attention, what sites we need to join, etc.
Rocket Raygun.jpg
Sample pulp image from the 1950's