Deadline to receive all finished artwork is April 30, 2013. Absolutely no extensions.

If THAT didn't scare you away, let me tell you about the project!

The book is a 95-page parody of a popular science fiction series. I will need a total of 17 black-and-white illustrations (16 chapter images + 1 cover image). This is a parody project, so artwork should be basic (minimal background), funny and cartoonish, similar to MAD Magazine (Don Martin, Tom Richmond, etc.), but I'm not looking for a clone; I expect your style to be distinctly your own. The project is somewhat ****** in nature, so if you're squeamish about drawing anatomy, this would not be a job for you.

You will receive the agreed upon payment, your name will appear on the book cover and you will receive full credit for your artwork. The book will be distributed to various mass markets and displayed at conventions. I'm looking for someone who is funny, professional and a great team member, someone who would enjoy appearing at book signings, conventions and other marketing events.

This book represents the first in a series of similar projects.

Again, the deadline for all finished artwork is April 30, 2013. Due to this short deadline, this posting will close by midnight on April 8, 2013, if not sooner. Thanks for reading the post. I look forward to working with you!