Here at WittWorld Studio we offer services such as 3D animation and programming for Video games. Currently we're developing a "AAA" video game called "Bike Week". This game will host awesome features like Bike week competitions, illegal street racing, free world driving, police chases, customizing motorcycles and other great things. This game will also offer top quality motorcycles, performance parts and motorcycle gear from 100's of the top designers in the world such Suzuki, Honda, Joe Rockets, Speed and Strength, Nos, Dunlop tires just to name a few.

We're developing this game for Xbox 360 and PS4. We would like marketing experts and internet marketing experts to assist us with directing people to 1 of the 3 websites where they can learn about our project and back our project by making a donation towards our development research. Please list your experience and how you think you can help us reach our goal. We would like you to come up with a strong marketing strategy and help us execute this plan.

If hired, your pay for this is $9,000. Please apply if you are the marketing expert we're looking for.