Website/Blog is getting a new look and I want to bring on some quality writers to keep content fresh and consistent. Right now I'm looking for someone who is interesting in entertainment blogging.

Experience in blogging/journalism required.

Candidates for the position should have a general knowledge of entertainment. At the moment however we are also looking for specialized writers they wouldn't necessarily only have to write on one topic/area of entertainment but it would be nice if they have "their finger on the pulse" so to speak. These can be just regular news stories, essays, editorials/reviews, theories, etc. Here are some categories we would prefer:

- General Entertainment News
- Film/Movie News this includes independent and or foreign films as well.
- Comic Books/Graphic Novels
- Short Films
- Film Festival Circuit
- Fashion/Style
- Television
- Music
- Latest entertainment industry technology
- Interviews

This is NOT a website for celeb gossip and things of that nature.

Pays $4 to $5 per article with maximum of $20 per month. Be prepared to provide writing samples of your work.