I am looking for an artist who has experience not just in illustrating children's picture books, but who can also handle the cover and the interior layout and design. I've had one book published traditionally before and was VERY unhappy with the way the publisher handled the illustrations and cover, and my ability to be involved in the process. I'm exploring my options for self-publishing, but I need to fit everything within my budget, starting with artwork.

Without giving away too much, the story is a 5 book series, fully written and copyrighted, involving a young girl who explores different world locations in a "magical" way. It could also double as a classroom aide for teachers and does involve exotic locales that need to be accurately depicted.

If you would like to have a sample of the text or would like to send me relevant samples, feel free to email me at I'm getting way more of a response than expected, which is good, and I'm trying to narrow down the field based on experience and artistic style.