A supernatural horror novel set in 1650. A group of English explorers wander into uncharted territory in the Southern most region of the British colonies. The explorers are completely unaware and fail to take heed the warnings of the ghostly secrets that lurk within the valley forest, that they are about to enter.

A mysterious little Indian girl who knows of the sinister world of the forest and of the horrible fate that awaits them all for she is from another time another place. A dark place a long forgotten place of the ancient Myan ruins.

This is basically a summary of the plot. I'm needing it to be a historical novel with a slightly different angle most horror novels jump into the terror right away. What I need is something that starts out like The Last Of The Mohicans but slowly starts to build up to the event of when the explorers actually enter the valley.

The horror that occurs is very surreal and dreamlike the lines between reality & fantasy become blurred and even confusing. I don't want the typical everyone dies but one or two ending. I want at least a dozen to survive. And after all is said and done I want a return to the mundane to play out for a few chapters, and I don't mean twenty just maybe four or five and of course give the sense that it might not be over.

I forgot to mention I need it to be heavy on plot and subplot context and background.