I’m looking for up to ten artists to each produce a minimum of one each original one-of-a-kind 11x17 penciled/inked black-and-white professional single-panel “splash” piece (detailed and finished as if a panel from a commercial work from storyline, but suitable for framing and displaying as a standalone piece) of various comic characters in the Silver Age through Modern tradition (but not necessarily style) of Neal Adams, Curt Swan, Jim Lee, the Romitas, etc. I will specify the characters, but the artists will provide all other creativity. (Otherwise, how would it be art?)

Looking for powerful and pivotal moments of poignancy and/or action in the history of the character drawn from an original perspective, with no dialogue. I don’t want famous-artist iconic knock-offs. I want YOUR work…something you’ll be proud of knowing is being displayed and “ooh’ed and aah’ed” over, and as part of a collection worth the sentimentality of leaving to heirs.

Besides a review of your portfolio (which has to give me some idea of what the finished product might look like), the only requirement is a verifiable minimal resume of work in the comic book industry in this capacity. This is non-negotiable. You don’t have to be famous, but you do have to be a pro who understands timeliness and quality of a work-for-hire, and preferably with the intention of having a serious career in the comic book industry if you don’t already.

Payment is $200 per piece, consequently an effort representative of your finest work is expected. This project isn’t about money or collectability, it’s a completely private and sentimental cause to comfort a veteran who had to heartbreakingly sacrifice his comic and memorabilia collection, one piece at a time, after he was temporarily crippled for a few years from a car accident and lost his home and job. (Collecting someone else's comic books isn't the same, and this will make for something of instant sentimental value by being something he loves, wants, and is uniquely his.)

UPDATE! Wow! What a response! Well, here's some more details since people often ask the same questions.

Payment is by Paypal only, don't even ask for anything else. If you are selected, then you will be paid 25% up front, which should be adequate to cover your materials and delivery costs. Once your work is approved via hi-res jpg attached to email, and safe delivery has been accepted, you will be sent the balance plus costs of delivery.

I've also been asked for more specifics on characters and styles, so here's a good list:

Batman / Superman – World’s Finest – Neal Adams or Jim Lee
Superboy and Krypto – Nick Cardy or Kurt Schaffenberger
Spider-Man – John Romita or John Romita Jr.
Hulk – Dale Keown
The Flash – George Perez
Captain America – Jack Kirby or Tom Morgan

Supergirl – built a la Power Girl – Ian Churchill
Catwoman – a la Vampirella – Jim Balent
Wonder Woman – Mike Sekowski with extra hot sauce, George Perez
Death - Alan Moore / Neil Gaiman (who else?), extra sexy