I'm looking to commission a cover for a video game magazine that doesn't exist, dedicated to promoting a totally mythical video game console, featuring digital art of a character from a fictitious game.

This is being done as part of a stunt for a charity auction to benefit Doctors Without Borders. The "game" in question is a running in-joke amongst the population of donors for this event.

Mostly I'm looking for high-quality art of a single character, which will be based on extensive physical description and a little low-res avatar-sprite. The actual cover design around the art will probably be very simple and straightforward, mostly a parody of magazines like Nintendo Power or Playstation Magazine. Many different art styles, from cartoony to realistic, are viable for the character depiction.

The project itself will begin in late March, once the auction has taken place, so that I know which of this fake video game's many characters should be featured in the artwork.

Real video-game-magazine covers that look somewhat like what I'm going for include: