Fired Earth seeks a freedom loving freelance illustrator to develop a line of images that express the founding values of America. The illustrations will be consistently themed to harken back to the age of The American Revolution and founding of your nation.

We begin with a Federalist Eagle. This eagle needs movement, attitude, and style. And, the eagle needs to be posed such that we can add text, mottos, and symbols in the talons and beak of the eagle. The additional images will be variations on the theme. We begin with the eagle, with a ribbon / banner in its beak... musket and flag crossed in its talons. Here is a T-Shirt with a similar image for inspiration:

We don't want a copy of the image on the shirt, rather we want your original interpretation of the concept.

The image will be used to produce pressure molds / textures, which will be pressed into clay, so it needs to translate into 3D even though the image you produce will be in 2D. Complex gradation and shadowing will not translate, a more direct line art approach will be best without too many super fine lines. The image needs to be clear at various sizes from one square inch up to several inches in size.

Fired Earth produces amazing designs of handmade / American made products to honor those who serve others. As a result, we purchase from artists and artisans within The United States of America.