I am looking to do some horror/monster type T-shirts, and I need designs. I am looking for people to grow with as well. Meaning as I am just starting this venture, I am offering $20 per design that I pick to go forward with. If I use your design and it proves fruitful, I will be willing to gradually increase what I pay for a design on future designs working with you.

I would like to do mostly realistic, and dark themed, but in some cases a toon look is good also. All females should be big breasted, tight bodied and sexy of course.Design will fill most of the front of shirt.

Would like to see the designs and then decide what I will purchase. I will need the high res files to work with after I purchase, but for now you can send me jpgs. Feel free to watermark as well if you feel better about showing the designs pre-purchase.

Artwork must be all original of course, and done by you.

I am looking to start off with about 5 designs and grow from there.

Designs I would like to see:

Skeletal Gladiators
Skeletal Vikings
Skeletal Pirates
Female Zombies
Hot Witches