I am looking for a ghost writer to help in completing my cute little story, Nubbiebee's Hive Vol 1 " How Bees Came To Make Chili " Though I have spent much time getting this to the stage I am at now with a publishing co, an illustrator with a dead line of Oct 1 to turn this in to 24 to 38 page book. My mind is just not working, my depression to great. One would think after all I had done homeless to get here, it would be easy to finish the home stretch..The dead is short I know, set by the publishing company, and the illustrator needs time as well. It is set for all to be finished by no later than Oct 31 Then go to press. The publisher is Mascot Books the Illustrator is Patrick Siwik who I found here on freelanced. This cute little story has been accepted by many to be published .Though I have other characters in mind to link them together in time and in a way it keeps it's cuteness I am just not sure I can get done in time. So I ask for your help. If you are interested I can send you what I have for you to see what you can do As I continue to try as well to do it my self . I live well below poverty so it is your fee that concerns me most. As well I have much in progress such as I am getting music put to a couple pieces, I have been accepted to publish a poetry book of which I still need a few more pieces. I have found a honey supplier to put my label to on their jars. As well I have a few shirt designed carrying my motto Dream Big ! Hope and Belief Equals The Power to Overcome. Also bearing the word that just keep coming to me That I decided to have fun with " Cazsmatic-- 1 Someone that is mulit- talented 2 Something that is mulit-functional 3 Nubbiebee's Absolutely Cazsmatic NOTHING IS PAYING ME YET, though I have acquired the federal tax number and local sales tax number and setting a web site up to revolve around to revolve around this project.

How do I hope to raise the money needed ? Threw a kickstarter project that's Now I do not want to miss lead you in any way so it is only fair you know I have been blindly led in doing this no doubt my cute little story is born of me. Nubs comes from losing my fingers the short wing comes from the child abuse I had lived threw. My name Nub / bie / bee comes from stubbornness in setting up an email name when nubs was taken and .I knew then it would be my trade markable name. However this is not all you might want to know before jumping on board. I am a forty five year old convicted felon for small amounts of pot the one thing I can say has truly saved my life more than once. Something that I now can not do because of the poss ion charges I am now facing and on color code. It has been accepted in almost half the country as a safe medical treatment for many reasons. Yet hear in the south I was made a convicted felon with no rihts to public housing or food stamps an un-willingly stuck drawing a mental disability check. Forced to live on the street well below poverty and the court system is taking more from me everyday. I live in one of the cheapest states there is to live but without my rights I can not go and live in a state where I would be more accepted.

I have continued to pay now for over 14 years four of those years homeless. I will continue to be beat down until I succeed in beating this injustice. Though that is not why I am doing all I have done. I started this to keep a promise I had made to find a way to remember and honor my niece who died of cancer at age six.

Continuing to be beat now by a system that never done anything to help threw all the years of child abuse. All they have done is proved that if you kick a man to the street and force him to live in the street he will play in the street. I am not addicted to pot It has just been the one thing that allowed me to be me. Unlike the doctor prescribed drugs that are addictive and just **** all emotion. So now after two months of not smoking I am crashing very very fast even though I am now in a home of my own facing success after all my years of struggle to hang on to the belief that Hope and Belief Equal The Power to Overcome . That life would someday be better. After all it is all I have really ever had. I can not hide who I am and it was when I seen I had never took a chance on me that I have been blindly led ever since just as I am in writing you. I have overcome a lot though I have much more to do. At first I thought I needed no one but me to pull this miracle off myself. Though was quickly lead to accept I can not do it all on my own and to see if not for the people seeing how hard I have tried and able to hear my story. I can not succeed to remember and honor my niece or even begin to help others. This is why I contacted you. Not to help myself though I do need to find a way to help my self. But to show others no matter what you can find your way and make this world a better place for all. And that it is every-ones responsibility to do so. Not implying you should help me but that everyone should help to make the world better. I know me better than anyone and know most see no use in helping me with all that is against me. I would understand if you chose not to and still thank you for your time and consideration. Though you must be willing to work out a reasonable aggrement in how much and how you are to be payed in full. I have offerd the illustrator for this project accreadition plus 10 percent as a ghost writer I offer only the same ten percent.

Terry S.Bradley
A shirt I had made and signed by all members of POP EVIL
Orignall look as firts seen of concept
Orignal word and copy right protected as all you see braing the Name Nubbiebee or Nubbiebee's
Boook cover as first seen before Illustrator Patrick A. Siwik hired on to this project. Found...