Fallen Manga Studios is looking for an Artist to take over our comic Nephlim. The first issue has debuted to a great reaction but unfortunately the artist had to drop out due to real life issues. So we need to find someone else. We are looking for someone to take over and draw the remaining issues. We have over 40 chapters written and want to make this into monthly or bi monthly release. We need someone who can adapt to the previous artists style within a reasonable measure. Here is a link to the first issue so you can read it and see the style, also the story summary to wet your appetites. LOOK AT ATTACHED TO SEE THE ISSUE 1 PAGES AND STYLE IT IS DRAWN.

The world has fallen into a state of chaos and war. A group of Angels fell to earth to become mankind's new Gods and prove to their creator that they are superior to humans in every possible way. Their rule has been one of fear and nightmares, people cower by the mere mention of the Fallen. Just like their creator they wanted to make new life so they took human women and mated with them creating Nephlim. Beings that are half human and half Angel. These Nephlim became the generals in their dark armies and they relished in the evil they committed. One Nephlim was born unlike the rest, his name is Ezekiel and he's vowed to **** every Fallen and evil Nephlim that walks the Earth. Empowered by the Angel of Death he fights for the weak and hopeless. He fights to rid mankind of fear and despair.
Example of style
Ezekiel 001.jpg
Main Character Ezekiel.
Samael Redesign.jpg
Samael Angel
Azazel Redesign.jpg
Azazel the Antagonist.