If you have wanted to see your illustrations in a game like Munchkin or Magic the Gathering or on a board game please keep reading. I've had an ad up here before with some really great results, but this time I'm asking for something a little different. I need to find a handful of artists that would be willing to do a card or two so that I could finish up a larger test set to try a kick starter which would then pay the artists for their art and additional images to finish up the game. My project is not large but I need around ten to thirty additional pictures for cards. The illustrations I have so far range in depth from simple "munchkin like" drawings to a bit more complex like what you would see on a magic the gathering card. The game is a non serious family friendly card game about running a medieval business. I have paid anywhere from 10 to 100 dollars for illustrations in the game. The art style will need to be similar to what I've done so far but not exact, more flavor makes each card more interesting but I can't jump huge style gaps. I also need some help with the game board. This is a small time project in the works on
Dragon Torch(FIN).jpg