We are currently seeking a screenwriter for a horror film called "Good vs Evil". The story behind this film takes place in Siberia at around 1984. It happened when a group of geologists working somewhere around remote Siberia drilled a hole around 14.4 (9 miles) kilometers deep when the drill bit started going crazy. The geologists thought this was just because a hollow center in the earth. The geologists then measured over 2,000 degrees in the hole. The geologists dropped a very sensitive microphone into the hole. When they did this they heard soft screams of thousands of millions of suffering souls. So in this film this hole ends up opening up, present time, and hell ends up coming up on earth, not the fire and setting of hell but Satan and his demons. So the humans then need to fight back against the thing that hates them the most, Satan or else earth will become the new hell. Think of this film like Transformers except instead of robot cars we have Satan and his demons. We are not only looking for a screenwriter, but we are looking for a screenwriter that can make this idea a box office hit, and a scary, fun, ride for all audiences. Thank you for considering.