This Comic is titled Dhampyr. I am looking for an artist to sign on with me to create many more issues. The FIRST Issue has been completed already and is online for viewing in the link below. I am looking for someone who CAN adapt to the previous style that is in the FIRST ISSUE. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO COPY THIS STYLE. I cant have a new style in the 2nd issue it just wouldn't look right. As you can see in the link the style is mostly Manga/Anime with a bit of Western comic art too. I am looking for someone to partner with me to take this thing to many more issues, 13+ issues are ALREADY WRITTEN. I will be launching a website to sell my comics that is being designed by a great firm. I have 6 other series in the works right now that will all be released on the website and sold as Digital Downloads and Printed Copies. Below is the summary of the story.

A boy named Isaac lives a horrible life. Abandoned at birth and raised by an abusive foster dad he is bullied everyday and beaten up constantly. One day he begins to feel a hunger he has never felt before. He begins to have violent day dreams, a mysterious man appears offering him a chance at a new life. He tells Isaac he is Dhampyr, a vampire human hybrid and that he must choose to either live as a human and continue to be mistreated or become a Vampire and take his rightful place as a King. If he chooses Vampire he will have to face his father's killers, a Clan of Powerful Ancient Vampires called Genesis. His father was the King and first vampire ever but he was defeated and killed. Will he take his place?