NC BioNetwork seeks a concept artist with experience drawing graphic novel-style artwork to produce graphics for an interactive eLearning game that we are developing. The 10 to 15-minute online game will place the user as a Quality Inspector at a biotech research facility. The user’s avatar will interact with 6 other characters as he/she identifies mistakes the characters are making. The game’s presentation will be that of an interactive graphic novel. Panels, dialogue boxes, and simple animations will create an effect similar to a “Choose Your Own Adventure” comic. The art style should be somewhat conservative (but not too much!) as our target audience is adults 18 - 54. The total number of screens should not exceed 40 screens.

We seek to contract hourly with a concept artist to produce the following artwork with up to 2 rounds of revisions: 4 User avatars (2 male and 2 female) 6 Employee characters (3 male and 3 female) Laboratory Setting Laboratory Equipment (work benches, glassware, pipettes, etc.) NOTE- these numbers are the max number of each item across all the panels.

User interface NOTE: The artist will create multiple versions of the mockups utilizing his/her different types of style. We will meet as a team and discuss which style will work best from this project. Once we have agreed upon the mock-ups, we will issue a second hourly contract to produce the final artwork that will appear in the game.

We will provide a screen-by-screen storyboard/design document from which to work. However, we will be looking to you to provide input into the best way to present the story and interactions visually.

As part of your proposal, please include the following:
link to online portfolio (character and environmental samples)
hourly rate estimated number of hours *

* We are looking for high-quality finished artwork. Please don’t underestimate the number of hours needed.