map2app ( is the first web platform in the world that allowsyou to create your own mobile travel guide, for iPhone and Android and sell it through the Apple Store and Google Play.
We are looking for a few notable bloggers who’d be excited about the opportunity to distribute and monetize their experiences and content on a brand-new mobile medium. This product has the potential to completely revolutionize the travel-guide industry. We would love for you to join us at the forefront of this changing landscape.

Here is how it works:
You will have free access to map2app’s platform and will create your own travel guide. map2app will publish it on the Apple Store and Google Play at a minimum price of 99cents and share half of the revenues with you. You can download some of our first Case Studies from here:

Also, with our Placegrabber app, you can easily document events or points of interest on the go and load them directly onto map2app, ready to be added to your app.