Using science to push the boundaries of what humans are capable of, this is the mission statement of Project Genesis. Funded by the Government, human experimentation is conducted. Many die but a breakthrough is achieved. Soldiers who can activate their adrenaline at will becoming faster, stronger, their reflexes heightened they become Emotionless super soldiers. Follow any order, eliminate any person. A young military soldier who loves his country and believes in its Ideals with a rich history of famed military men going back generations gets arrested on grounds of treason. He is the fall guy but he still has hope in his country, he still believes they are the "good" guys. On the way to his execution another prisoner talks to him and tells him how the country is corrupt, how its leaders are committing heinous crimes against its own people. This man is the Lieutenant of the Rebellion, a great man who fights for what's right. The execution begins but at the last moment the Rebels arrive to rescue him, he offers our Hero a choice. Come with them and fight for the people, or stay a military lap dog and get killed for a crime he didn't commit. The Hero goes with them and begins a journey to discover his past, challenge the present and change the future. This is Project Genesis, an ambitious Anime project coming from the West hoping to open some doors for others and to make a great series for you all.

We are looking for Animators! Since this is anime it will be in Manga/Anime style art. We have a studio and are located in Orlando Florida, if you are in Florida and want to join this project that is a huge Plus! Animators from other locations we would love to work something out and with the internet I am sure we can find some way to get the work across the Net to our studio. Hope you enjoyed reading it and we are hoping to make the first ever Western Anime and get it aired on networks!