"Way of the Sax" is an interactive graphic novel in a 3-part action series. In addition to a great story about a traveling martial artist/jazz saxophonist, this unprecedented endeavor will include nice fade in/out screen transitions, items to be clicked on and "collected" for an achievement system, a save option (maybe), music tailored for what's going on in the panel (unlike current HTML5 comics), psuedo animation (kind of like the Tron Legacy comic), several minigames, extra scenes, and multiple endings. Future versions may feature voice acting, but this is not a priority right now.

Story Synopsis

Ken Suto is a half-Japanese, half-American martial artist/jazz saxophonist with a jaded past. Everywhere Ken goes, he gets into a fight...with his saxophone. Whether he is jamming the sax into someone's gut or throwing it across the room at someone's face, Ken is sure to do unforeseen damage every time. As Ken's past catches up with him, he is thrown into a world of corporate secrets and government corruption. What's Ken gonna' do?