I am looking to launch my board game company with a game with card art about fantastical characters (wizards, gnomes, goblins, fairies, etc). The game is meant to be a little bit "dark" or "edgy" but also very whimsical. No graphic violence, gore, *** or ****** as this is a family card game. Please send a link to your portfolio.

As this is a start-up I have limited funds and want to make sure I put them to the best use.

I am looking for layout work for three score boards, the playing cards and rule booklet.

I am also looking for artists for card art, box art and some board art.

Pay will be per piece for color illustrations or layout done. Pay listed below is the total budget I am allocating at this time. So, for example I might decide to have three artists working on the project with pay depending on what we negotiate.

I will pay have upon agreement and assignment of job, the other half upon delivery of an acceptable work.

Please quote how much you would charge for an individual "bridge sized" card illustration in your private messages to me.

Thanks, I look forward to working with you!