I'm looking for a top-notch writer to work on a week-long project. I need 5 articles written by Saturday, July 7th, that cover a wide-variety of technology. You'll be writing about laptops, smartphones, cameras, and more. I need one article written each day, starting tomorrow and continuing to the 7th.

I'm looking to hire ASAP. I will need someone to can be around their computer today to discuss the position with me, and learn about the requirements. If you aren't going to be around today, July 2nd, to talk, please don't apply.

I'm looking for the best of the best -- nothing less. There are a lot of low-paying jobs posted, and this isn't one of them. I pay $30.00 USD per 1500 word article, and I expect high-quality, immaculate work.

Each article should take you at least two hours to complete, and will usually take two and a half. If it takes less than this, you're probably not putting in adequate research. Each article must contain an abundance of research and cannot contain any filler text whatsoever. If the article contains any filler text, it will be immediately returned for revision.

Each article must obviously be 100% unique, and plagiarism of any kind will result in a permanent termination of this contract, and will result in no money being exchanged. There will be no second chances.

You will also need to add URL references to most sections of the article. The article must have a hierarchical structure using H1 through H4 tags, and I will explain this if you are hired. The articles are quite big and must be properly crafted to thoroughly explain their subject matter.

I'm a fair man, but I expect quality, dedication, and hard work. This is a position where a writer could be making $15.00 an hour -- a fair stay-at-home wage. Please only apply if you speak perfect English, are able to devote 2-3 hours a day for the next week, and can confidently write about technology.

All of the articles must be written professionally and informatively. There can be NO marketing copy at all. The articles must simply be informative.

You will be paid via Paypal at the end of the week -- if you're uncomfortable with this, I can process payment semiweekly as well.

If the work is well done and consistent, there will be an opportunity for future work. My current writers have been with me for exactly 1 year now, so this isn't a one-time deal.

Please provide me with some article samples, a CV, and expect a brief Skype interview (text chat). Send this info via email please to, but also apply on Freelanced so you can be officially hired.

Please also name your favorite book right at the beginning of your email and explain what you like about it in 2 or 3 sentences. This will allow me to quickly assess your basic English knowledge and writing style.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Dave Stetson