This is Forrest Agee, Art Director at Thought Tank Games. We are an indie game company based out of Albuquerque. We are currently looking for a combination of local 'Burque artists and other experienced comic book artists from around the USA, to create full color images of non-licensed and original super heroes, their actions, their super powers, equipment, etc.

Rather than asking for the comic book standard of 11"x17" comic book pages, we'd be looking for smaller 5"H x7"W frames for each page. The 5x7 art would then be reduced in size and placed on trading cards. Players would then collect these cards as they customized their own unique super powered alter egos, to be represented through their card collections.

We would be commissioning several 11 image sets that each thematically revolve around an archetypal character concept. We would give you a comic book style script that would explain the overall camera shots, subjects, general colors, and other relevant details on a frame by frame basis. There would definitely be wiggle room for interpretation and a personal stamp on the commissioned images. We aren't picky with how the images are generated as long as the pencil and ink feel of a comic is present. The art can be colored via photoshop, water colors, or any other medium that you feel competent with, as long as it meets our standards. We would also give you basic character design sketches that you could use to aid in your work for each character.

We're willing to propose 110 dollars for each of the eleven 5x7 image sets, which would be roughly the equivalent of three 11"x17" pages of space. Essentially, we are willing to start negotiations at 10 dollars per 5x7 image. Payment would be given upon completion of the 11 images unless you have relevant references from prior art commissions that can prove a history of professionalism and follow through, in which case we are willing to pay half up front and half after the art is completed and in our hands.

If we like what we see, you might even be able to expect a more consistent gig with us, as we will be commissioning hundreds of images over the next several months.

We are looking for a specific style of art, inspired by current trends in art for DC or Marvel comics. It might be good to look up artists such as Todd Mcfarlane, Jim Lee, Steve McNiven, Frank Miller, or Alex Ross for some inspiration before we go any further, although we are looking for diverse artists to flesh out our line-up.

If this sounds interesting, or if you have a counter offer, let me know.