I Need a picture of a girl in a hoodie sweatshirt (not sure on the color-open to suggestions) and black stretch pants, 13-14 yrs old, low-rise canvas shoes (one is untied), no socks. She has golden-hazel eyes with a cat-like slant, reddish brown shoulder length hair, dainty elfin features (except for the ears-she is human). The hood of her sweatshirt is up, we only see a portion of her face and hair because she's not facing directly forward. Her hair is flowing out of her hood in the wind-at least to one side if not both. She has her thumb out on the highway, hitchhiking, and she's illuminated by the headlights coming toward her (its nighttime). The outer edges of the image can fade to nighttime blackish blue. The girl is scrawny, spindly, her legs must look bony.

I'm leaning toward manga art, or something mangaish, but I am willing to consider other possibilities.

The Title of the book is "The Shepherd", and I will need to work in the both the title above and my name below as this is the book cover. Or perhaps the book names can be faded in over the image somehow.