We are looking for people to draw us some Dragons and Mythical Creatures based on this criteria:

-Create a concept for a Dragon/Mythical Creature.
-Base the style of the Dragon/Mythical Creature on what you consider to be your culture.
-Draw the Dragon/Mythical Creature using the scale proportions of your own bodies ideal height and weight, whatever you consider to be ideal.
-You may choose from 6 types of Dragon/Mythical Creature: Light (Brilliant White), Shadow (Black), Fire (Red), Ice (Deep Blue), Earth (Brown and Green), and Sky (Transparent). Each Dragon/Mythical Creature must have a defining feature, other than its color, that indicates which type it is
-No profanities, ******, or other obscenities.
-Include measurements and scale for the head, neck, torso, biceps, elbow, forearms, hands, fingers, waist, hips, thighs, knees, shins, and feet.

I am paying for the concept and finished full color drawing of each Dragon or Mythical Creature. Draw the Dragons/Mythical Creatures in whatever form you feel like rendering them, i.e. humanoid, traditional, etc. I am going for a cel shaded, hyper realistic, heavily saturated, fantasy style. I know these can be quite contradicting, but it is meant to be. Feel free to use your own style for your first commission if necessary. As a side note, these drawings will serve as the proof of concept for future 3D modeling. I would like them to be realistic, visually as well as physically, but have obvious fantasy elements, i.e. heavy color saturation. I would also appreciate it if you considered the physics of the creature and designed something plausible, i.e. could actually walk or fly and not be super awkward, but it is not necessary. I require the final concept to be in black and white, but I have no problem if you want to show me draft copies in color first. The final concept must be in a standing at rest pose and the final color illustration must be in an action pose while in its natural environment. Both drawings should use perspective. If you are happy with these conditions, please complete the drawings and get back to me. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.