I'm reposting this position because the person I hired to do it took the $ but never did the job.

Desired: a cover for an e-book I plan to publish on Kindle. It's going to be humorous, and should depict a p.o.'d resurrected Jesus walking back into the Last Supper to the shock of the Disciples, who are cleaning up.

If you're someone who regularly pushes back deadlines, or needs to get paid upfront, please do not apply for this job (I'm just trying to screen out the mistakes I made last time).

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing your work!

**Clarification: Thanks for the great feedback; allow me to address a recurring question. I don't expect this to be "da Vinci-quality," if that makes sense; a recognizable spoof (e.g., a cartoon) is all I'm after.