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Jessie - Updated status
Said "looking for new ideas and jobs for writing. any type of writing applies. ... Open minded person and willing to listen to tips and/or jobs. please follow me or contact me to help me go big with my writing. i will help you as well to the best of my ablilties. thanx :)"
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Jessie - Updated status
Said "need a job to do. someone fullfill me.!! :)"
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Jessie - Updated status
Said "i need writing jobs.!"
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Jessie - Updated status
Said "Heyy everybody, i am new to this website and looking for tips on writing. i am open minded to basically any kind of writing please send me tips or advice or anything to help me with this. i am lookin to go far."
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I love writing. very dedicated and looking to go far with it. need a task done by a certain time i wont let you down. dont need paid big time im just looking to help out and do what i love.!! :) My name is Jess and im very open minded. Please dont turn me down. You will lose out to.
essex, Maryland, United States