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Said "Dear Jessica, I wonder whether you are one that was mentioned in one of papers "The art of attracting international conferences to European cities" written by my friend Martin FALK from Austria. I have manuscript (in the area of international economics) that is about 34 pages (around 11000 words) that needed to be proofred. It was already done by someone else last year, but the paper is revised again. I have no deadline but wondering about the price. Best wishes, Kemal Turkcan" to Jessica Sloan
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I was born in Wolfville, NS to James and Elizabeth Sloan. I have one brilliant brother who is four years my junior. I graduated from Mount Saint Vincent University with a Bachelor of Arts in English. I love working with vibrant colours and telling stories that help children understand the world around them. I am an avid egalitarian. I am currently working on being admitted to Bachelor of Journalism program at Dalhousie University here in Halifax.

From the age of eight or nine I knew I wanted to be an author. My mom, my brother and I used to watch “All Creatures Great and Small” in the morning before school and I fell in love with James Harriott. I too wanted to become a veterinarian and an author. Eventually however, I scraped the vet idea but the writing stuck.

I spent hours and...
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada