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Jason Wray

Freelance Artist & Graphic Designer


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Graphic Design
About Me:
I am a professional graphic artist with 24 years experience, having started my career as an airbrush artist in 1988. I worked as part of a team creating large murals for outdoor advertising and display sets.
I began using digital tools commercially in the early 1990s, first of all on the Apple Mac and then onto the PC. At this time I also began to create 3D models and visuals for concept art and illustration.
My skills are diverse and I have experience of the following:
Concept art, illustration, product design, packaging design, graphic design, logo design, 3D modelling, digital design and Flash animation.
My work manifests itself in a range of styles, which I feel is one of my strengths - I can adapt to various projects with ease.
I also write comedy and use the ideas as a...
United Kingdom