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Said "hi there i ma looking for an artist cartoonist who loves working with kids and can do with some great dollars in the school holidays !!! if not you do you know someone the position is for 2 and it start in April !" to Jasmin Thompson
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Said "KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK JASMIN!" to Jasmin Thompson
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Jasmin Thompson - Added portfolio item
This is a fish that I drew while sitting at home on my days off of work.It doesnt have a name like much of my art but I feel that it represents my indivuality.
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Nunja boy Lee - Over 30 days ago
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Children's Book Illustration
About Me:
I love to draw with black ink markers and colours pencil as well as paint with acrylic paints on canvas. When I draw I dont usuall go into the production with an idea of what I want to draw, although I can draw/paint something when Im given an idea of what is wanted and go from there.
I see myself as a down to earth alternative young woman who is interested in many kinds of creative, artistic and interesting things. I particularly love abstract, asian and world art design which are just some of the things that inspire me to draw and create what I draw on to the canvas/paper in front of me.
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia