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Said "Hi, James. I am in need of some freelance illustration for an upcoming digital children's book. Please email me at DrRitaPhD@yahoo.com, if you're available. Thank You!" to James Brainerd
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Digital Art
About Me:
I started art back when I first learned how to draw my first shapes and characters in elementary school. My imagination and skills blossomed bringing me to the decision in 2004 to attend the Art institute of Pittsburgh to undergo a possible career in the video game industry. I have undergone many classes and self teachings to improve my abilities as an artist. I have the abilities to work in both 2d and 3d. Anything from simple pen and paper sketches to 3d model renderings in 3d Studio Max. I have applied my skills to various forms of art work and am always up for a challenge especially if the challenge improves upon my abilities as an artist.

PC Program knowledge:

3d Studio Max
Valve's Hammer engine (Level Design)
Unreal Engine (Level Design)
Photoshop CS5
Westbrook, Connecticut, United States