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I wrote this Blog for it was fun to write and it was just something that came to me.
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This is a piece I wrote to express a situation I was in. There are 2 main charcters in this piece. There is the dying women and her lover. The pastor is a supporting character.
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I am a young professional that is very interested in pursuing my writing full-time. I was in the typical working world for 7 years, finishing as an Account Manager for a Commerical Security Company. I have been writing for atleast 15 years. I write everything from Poems, Short Stories to Blogs. I recently started my own website to promote my Mixology skills. I have had my diploma in Bartending and Mixology still 2003. I am an Event Planner, which I've been doing for 4 years now. I enjoy learning, writing and being around the Entertainment/ Party Planning Environment. I also have my Associates Degree in Business Management.
Luzerne, Pennsylvania, United States