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An example from one of my numerous blogs of the style I use when blogging :)
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Joy Demmora - Added portfolio item
I'm a freelance writer, currently working as an editor for a publishing company in England. I'm originally from Scotland in the UK, but now spend considerable bouts of time travelling back and forth to the US in the name of love. If you'd told me even five years ago that this was how my mid-twenties were going to turn out I'd have never believed you. Thankfully it did, and despite the downs, the lows and the jet lag— I love my life. I'm an active Blogger. I write my own material, with my primary interest being in the Sci-Fi and fantasy realm, though I will try my hand at anything. As an editor I am capable of alternating between English UK and English US with ease, and adapting to any house style required with speed. Ghostwriting is still a rather new thing for me, but I'm learning I rather enjoy it and am rather good at it :)
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About Me:
I’m a fun creative, individual, with excellent qualifications and a superb work ethic. My interests are broad and varied, ranging from science, technology, creative writing, computers, local and national social issues and reading everything in sight, right down to the fine print of receipts— attention to detail is after all, vital to success.

While I'm currently working as a freelance writer and editor (UK based, US also from time to time) I also have experience in professional full time creative and non-creative writing and editing, personal office administration, catering, sales and customer care—and I’m always looking for new ways to improve myself. I am in short not afraid to try my hand at anything, and am always willing to learn new skills.

I work well alone, or as an active...
Stirling, United Kingdom