Ian McBain

Freelance Video Editor & 3D Graphic Designer


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Video Editing
3D Graphic Design
About Me:
I have a diverse set of skills, mainly in post production and video production.
Professionally, I have:
Edited multiple broadcast television shows
Highly proficient with Avid Media Composer, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Photoshop
Shot several professional and independent video projects
Maintained an Avid Unity system, with 3 Avid Adrenaline HD suites and 1 Avid Mojo suite
Implemented new hardware into the Avid Unity configuration
Advised on the purchase of new post-production equipment
Highly capable with Final Cut Studio and Adobe Production Premium CS5
As Edit Facility Manager, was responsible for training new assistant editors and assisting fellow senior editors
Produced a dynamic range of editing styles
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada