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Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, Art Director, Painter, Howard Stein creates content for the eyes, heart, and mind. A South African native, Howard was almost completely blind by the age of twelve, got his *** caned three times a week at catholic school, (he’s Jewish), played african cowhide drums every day until his hands were stinging, went off to live in the Hotel Dolder in Zurich for six months to wait for the cornea transplant on his left eye, filled long dull days, drawing furiously in dark rooms on carpeted floors with huge sheets of paper and big sticks of charcoal, a year later he was in New York for the second corneal transplant, sped through high school in a mad dash to be rid of it, entered Johannesburg’s best art school located in the city’s worst neighborhood. where...
Bronx, New York, United States