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About Me:
Name: Hector Valentin. Education: Graduate of Roman Catholic H.S 1978, 1979 Military school Combat photographer. Work experience: 1979 to 1987 Combat photographer USMC. 1988 to 1999 own my own Photographic business. 1999 to 2009 senior Photographer for the City of Philadelphia. 2007 the present, photographer for row home magazine, also photographer for for Philadelphia Water Dept. Duties in all photographic jobs: Responsible for complete coverage of all photographic assignment, including printing and processing and editing photographic images. Fluent in Adobe Photoshop 5 ext.and all Adobe applications. Over 25 years of assignment work, this includes every thing from studio work to capturing media coverage and construction photography. Presently shooting for Row Home Magaazine3, and for my...
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States